STEM: Stem cell-derived secretomes to support immune health.

Immunis has developed a novel method to grow human stem cells for clinical use and direct them to become highly pure populations of defined cells that secrete factors which benefit immune system development, modulation, and health. With age, every person experiences a reduction of factors which benefit immune system development, modulation, and health; our technology allows replacement of those factors. Our product is all natural, all human, and represents a perfectly balanced set of immune modulators in naturally occurring relevant physiological concentrations.

Pre-Clinical Safety & Efficacy Studies

Third-party preclinical safety studies confirmed the product to be safe and well tolerated.

The product has been shown to benefit muscular atrophy, metabolic and vascular function, tissue inflammation, immune cell function and exosome/extracellular vesicle composition in several age and immune-associated disease indications.

STEM prevents arterial stiffness with age


Reversal of deficits in aged skeletal muscle during disuse and recovery in response to treatment with a secrotome product derived from partially differentiated human pluripotent stem cells

Dennis K Fix, Ziad S Mahmassani, Jonathan J Petrocelli, Naomi M M P de Hart, Patrick J Ferrara, Jessie S Painter, Gabriel Nistor, Thomas E Lane, Hans S Keirstead, Micah J Drummond

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Clinical pipeline

Target: Muscle Atrophy

Immunis is currently conducting a Phase 1/2a clinical trial for muscle atrophy.


Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial for Muscle Atrophy

Immunis' first clinical target is a Phase 1/2a clinical trial for knee osteoarthritis-associated muscular atrophy. Subjects with knee osteoarthritis-associated muscular atrophy combine an acute muscular immobilization with age-related muscle atrophy, resulting in profound acute muscle atrophy.

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